Application Development

Computer Automation Services (CAS) provides software application development services to cater for a range of business needs. When you can’t find the right product on the shelf, or just need that custom piece of software to do something specific, CAS is here to help you. Some of previous solutions are listed here.

Solutions on offer

  • Customer/Client/Contact tracking systems – Enabling you to maximise the value of each client.
  • Data entry and reporting applications. – Solutions that offer your business the opportunity to make sense of all the information that you have and use it to grow your business.
  • Industry Specific Software¬† – Developing software specific to your business, catering for growth with your business.
  • Data porting to and from a wide range of platforms and environments – Consolidate all your data so that it can be used to make the right decision.
  • Also, be sure to see our Website Development page to see how we can assist you with your web site.

We have worked with a wide range of technologies and development platforms allowing us to know the right solutions for your business.

We have completed projects for local, interstate and international clients including development of products for international distribution.

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