Web Services

At Computer Automation Services, we can assist you with your web site needs. Our services include:

We have assisted many businesses with their end to end web presence, see our References page for more detail.
So if you want to discuss with your I.T needs or web site needs, Contact Us

Although, we have 20 years IT experience, we can still speak your language. Tell us what you want, in your language and we take care of the rest. We will insulate you from the technical jargon and get your web site up and running in minimal time, with maximum visitors.
Things you may want to consider.

  • We have worked with web based technology since the early ’90’s.
  • We have worked hard to ensure that our web servers are fast and reliable
  • We have strong understanding of search engines such as google
  • We know how to best optimize images and photos for your web site.


Still, see is believing. Check out some of our reference sites.